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Boost Nicotine

TPD Approved 10ML 18MG Nicotine Salt Booster
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  • Boost nicotine salt has many benefits over traditional tobacco derived nicotine. Our in house chemists at Marina Vape have spent months developing our own nicotine salt blend. Our unique nicotine is formulated to give the user the cleanest, smoothest, and most satisfying vaping experience. The question we get asked the most is, “Whats the difference?” Well, there are many differences. First and foremost, our nicotine salt formulation allows the flavor of the e-liquid to be as pure and clean tasting as possible. Hands down nicotine salt will give the user a much smoother and flavorful hit. Secondly, the nicotine salt molecule is much smaller than a traditional nicotine molecule. This allows the user to achieve more satisfying nicotine absorption at the blood brain barrier, because the smaller molecules can pass through easier. The benefit that we see most people enjoy is that users are able to vape higher nicotine levels without that harsh throat hit they get from traditional nicotine. Additionally nicotine salt is a much more stable molecule therefore it gives your e-liquid a much longer shelf life, and will not deteriorate as fast as traditional nicotine.